Award winning Manuden artist celebrates 15 years developing artwork .

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Karen Adams

KAREN Adams has been producing artwork from her home in the village of Manuden near Bishop’s Stortford since 2005.

This year she celebrates her 15th anniversary of being a professional artist. She started in 2005 and has not stopped since from pursuing her dream of becoming a world renowned artist.

“After 15 years, people  are beginning to recognize my works. My drive  is to gain acknowledgement from people saying ‘That is a Karen Adams painting’,” she said. 

Art runs in Karen’s family, with her uncle Kenny Adams carving gifts for her in wood when she was young. Her mother is also artistically minded and enjoys painting. 

Karen said:  “Uncle Kenny used to tell me ‘Remember Karen, everyone who buys your works and hangs it up on their wall – that is another gallery’ .”

Karen finds painting a pleasure and said, “I have wonderful emotions when I am doing a painting, it is priceless. My whole aim is to pass on the pleasure that I get to the viewer.”

Karen employs a unique “Signature Style” which is her own. It involves using more than paint. She also makes use of textiles and certain types of glitter. This creates, in one customer’s words, the look of a ‘Ceramic tile sunk in a frame’. 

Karen does three types of work: Originals, which use her signature style; Mood paintings, which are abstract- one  painting, Dream Catcher, has won her three different open exhibitions –  and Representatives, which represent a place or an image. 

Most of Karen’s work is from commissions. This involves a customer explaining what they require such as, for example, a piece of art based on the crockery from the story Beauty and the Beast, which will then be completed in Karen’s individual style.

Abstract commissions are the hardest of the 50 she has done so far as they involve a very personal connection between the artist and the work.

“Art is subjective, and there’s never a right or wrong in art,” said Karen, who spent a couple of months doing separate commissions for the very same couple.

Karen has also won numerous awards and accolades during her 15 year career, including being shortlisted for the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition in 2007, and The Society of All Artists, Artist of the Year Abstract and Experimental award 2006. 

Karen has also exhibited in numerous galleries, including one run by Donna St Pierre, in a converted post office in Manuden.

Donna said: “Karen’s art and prints sold especially well. One of her prints, which is all about Manuden, sold faster than she could produce them. I believe I sent some of her pieces to corporate clients in Dubai.

“Karen’s work will always be popular because it is well crafted, very original and beautiful to look at. A thing of beauty is a joy forever and Karen Adams’ works are all things of beauty.”

Frank Wheeler is part of the Manuden Art Society, and has known Karen for nine years. She gave the art society a demonstration in 2014, and Frank has seen Karen grow and develop as an artist. 

He said: “She has gone from doing mainly pictures of windmills or gardens to more abstract works and paintings.”

Photo: One of Karen’s paintings called Ellen.


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