BMAT Academy launching bursary scheme for deprived families in Harlow

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BMAT Academy is launching its own bursary scheme in a bid to give deprived families in Harlow an opportunity to further their education.  

The academy works to inspire young people to reach for their goals in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) industries. 

The business focused school is removing the financial barrier which prevents the majority of students from going to university due to a lack of finances.  

Mikaela Pinnock, careers advisor, said: “Yes, students are given government loans, but that money can take some time to come through and does not cover everything, like setting them up in their own home.  

“We see so many students who have the grades and are capable of going to university, but do not have the means. I am really passionate about trying to remove those barriers for them.” 

The bursary is being funded by an investment provided by Harlow Health Centers Trust. Professor Gino Martini is a board member for the organisation and has committed to contributing £2,000 to support two students who secure a place at university from BMAT 

The school is now appealing for other investors to come forward and support their students. To express an interest in investing in the BMAT STEM Academy bursary scheme, email 

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