BMAT STEM Academy receives praise as it prepares students for skilled jobs


BMAT STEM Academy, in Harlow, refuses to let students be held back by ensuring that stepping stones are created alongside national and international sponsors – providing unique opportunities for all individuals.

The BMAT STEM Academy, which is tailored exclusively to Year 10 – Year 13 students, specialises in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), and works with various companies such as: GlaxoSmithKline and Pearson Education.

The state of the art BMAT STEM Academy provides equipment and facilities that are high tech and to a high specification to support the bespoke curriculum offered. The school continuously ensures it overcomes barriers to education and gives the leaders of tomorrow the best possible chance to excel in their chosen fields.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon, chair of the Commons Education Select Committee, recently visited the academy and said “I really enjoyed speaking with students and it was great to see high quality and engaging teaching.”

“I have long advocated the importance of STEM subjects for providing students with skills they need for the future. BMAT STEM Academy is preparing Harlow’s young people for the skilled jobs of the future.” The school has now implemented virtual workshops to allow all students to grasp opportunities in their STEM career fields.

Since its opening in September 2014, BMAT STEM academy has developed a highly respectable and supportive environment, that can be summed up as “Schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.”

Assistant headteacher, Dave Ramsey, said: “We are working with all of our sponsors and other companies to ensure we are still holding talks and providing opportunities for our students to take part in when visitors can’t physically come into school, despite lockdown.“

The academy strives to be the best and students can be confident that their educational and career advancement needs will be met.

If you would like more information about the BMAT STEM academies prospectus or STEM careers please visit: and contact head of school Dustin Schuyler at if you would like a personalised tour.

Photo: Harlow MP Robert Halfon meets representatives of the Academy.

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