Cooks Spinney Primary children are well on their way to moving out of home

CHILDREN have being encouraged to learn new life skills during lockdown by teachers at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy.

Staff have been putting their videography skills to use by filming themselves setting the dinner table, tying shoelaces and planting seeds as part of tutorials directed towards year groups ranging from Nursery to Year Six at the Harlow school.

In addition, directions on how to use a hoover, post a letter and follow recipes are allowing the children to become more independent, as part of the 30 days of challenges.

Assistant headteacher, Amber Wade, said: “We all had a lot of fun with it and the children got involved by sending in videos/photos of them completing the challenges.”

Photo: A student at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy demonstrates her sandwich-making skills.

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Callum Wells

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