Coping with birthdays in lockdown

Talya Prelockdown Birthday


Reporter Santyna Marchesi interviews three girls whose birthdays have been effected by lockdown in all different ways.

SINCE March 20 last year England has been in and out of a lockdown due to the corona virus. This meant many places had to be closed and you could not mix with other households. For people who were celebrating their birthdays this was a struggle.

Talya Selcuk, a 17 year old from Waltham Abbey, speaks on her problems with a lockdown birthday, she said:  “I’m quite upset I feel like 18 is a big number.”

Emily Brew, a 19 year old from Cheshunt, explains how she’s been lucky that her birthday is in July as she has missed lockdown for two birthdays in a row. She said: “It’s going to be messy one.”

Finally Charlotte Brew, a 21 year old from Cheshunt, managed to celebrate her birthday recently due to lockdown restrictions being lifted. She said “It was lovely.”

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Talya prelockdown birthday.


Emilys birthday.’


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