Covid 19 : One of the worst experiences of my life


Reporter Santyna Marchesi had never expected to succumb to Covid. However she proved that this virus does not discriminate and can infect young as-well as the old. Here she tells her story:

I HAVE always been quite laid back about COVID and was never worried about if I got it due to me being young and healthy. My biggest fear was always my Nan getting the virus.

Working in Tesco a place with hundreds of people a day I have seen covid 19 progress from the start so I have always had a high chance of getting the virus. However it was not until December this year until I actually tested positive for covid 19. I woke up December 28 with a call from my best friend telling me I have to isolate as she’s tested positive! At first I was excited for my first week of from work from as long as I can remember. I had no symptoms and had been working with her for a week so I assumed I had escaped the virus.

The next day I woke up with a horrible migraine, the worst I have ever had. This was not a strange occurrence for me as I suffer with migraines quite often. Later that night as I was trying to sleep I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. ; I started having a mini panic attack because this had never happened to me before. To ease my nerves I went and slept downstairs. At around 3am I was woken up with cramps, these cramps were nothing like the period pains I had experienced before and were unbearable. At around 6am I finally got to sleep but that did not last long; this was the point I decided I’m going to go and get tested.

I was certain I did not have the virus as I had never heard the symptom of cramps linked with the virus and I did not have a sore throat or a cough. For the next few nights I did not sleep well. I was constantly woken up with cramps and migraines. I started to worry that something was seriously wrong.

On New Year’s Eve my mum came into my room excited and I asked her why she was so happy. She told me she tested negative so she told me to check my texts. First thing I saw was a text from the NHS, I was positive. Instantly this took away the fear I had that something was wrong; however I now started panicking that my dad who I saw over Christmas might have caught it.

Whilst this was happening my brother started to complain of a migraine. A few days later he tested positive too. This was the weirdest part. No one I had been in contact with over the last few days had tested positive not my mum, my sister, my step dad, my dad only my brother.

We both lost our taste and smell on the same day; this experience was strange as I had never felt anything like it before. For the days I was in isolation it was a constant battle with trying to fall asleep. I experienced really bad insomnia and the earliest I would fall asleep would be around 4am. I would wake up at 3pm and my sleeping schedule was horrible. Alongside this the cramps never left, they were always there just sometimes more severe than other times.

Trying to get out of bed was a challenge in itself, my whole body just felt drained and heavy. I did not leave my bed much. No food was appealing to me, I hardly ate and when I did I would feel as if I was going to throw it up.

Slowly my body started to feel lighter and my headache began to fade. My isolation finished on December 9 . Even though I still felt tired my body began to recover. During the whole 10 days I did not once get a sore throat, itchy throat or a cough. My brother said “The worst part of the virus for me was the headache. I feel as if the media should cover the variety of symptoms and not prioritise the cough because if I didn’t know I had to isolate I would never had thought I have the virus due to the symptoms I experienced.”

It’s now January 15 and I still have no taste or smell and my sleeping schedule is still messed up but I am very grateful that my experience with covid was not as severe as other cases. I will definitely now be very careful with sanitation and social distancing as I do not want to experience that ever again.

Santyna during covid

Santyna with Covid

Santyna now

Santyna now

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