Eighteen-year old fiction lover aspires towards journalism


EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD Adriana Kussova from Harlow has been fascinated with language and its fluidity ever since she emigrated to England. Originally from the Czech Republic, she found her passion for writing upon learning to speak English. She quickly became enamoured by the emotiveness of the English language – which was contrary to the monotony and complexity of her own.

From a young age, she aspired to be an author who could create intricately woven worlds and captivating narratives. In fiction, she could chase the sensation of wonder that characterised her childhood.

As she grew older, she came to understand that her passion extended to non-fiction. Adriana became interested in opinion pieces and analyses written on a wide array of topics. She became fascinated with topics such as the way that mental health is often presented and stigmatised in media and eveN real life.

However, Adriana is also interested in documentary filmmaking, as it can be about any topic and is capable of educating and entertaining.

In the future, Adriana hopes to specialise in feature writing or become a documentary filmmaker, as it allows for a more varied portrayal of issues faced by many. However, she is open to other genres of journalism.

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Adriana Kussova

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