Essex Senior League junior reporter embraces the digital age


AS JOURNALISM moves steadily into the digital age, today’s budding young reporters are abandoning print in preference of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

One such example is Matt North who has amassed more than 500 followers on Twitter through his detailed write-ups on local football matches for the Essex Senior League (ESL) as well as being part of the media team for the local league as a reporter and making appearances on East London Radio.

Matt thoroughly enjoys what he does and has been praised by many people on the grassroots level for his work and certainly wants to continue to a higher level in the foreseeable future.

Whilst he sees the work he has done as a “focus plan” Matt is currently using his position to gain experience and make a career within the Industry as a professional journalist.

Matt says: “I have a huge love for football. I get a huge amount of enjoyment when writing for any sports, though his my focus is on football.”

Matt has spent the past two years studying for the University of the Arts London (UAL) Journalism course at Harlow College and has recently started the NCTJ course.

He says: “Studying for this course will certainly give me a very good route into what I hope will be a successful year for me.”

With a portfolio as large as his, it’s safe to say he will be satisfied with the career he has chosen.


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Joshua Candler-Jones

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