Ex-professional diver trains to become journalist



A YOUNG sporting professional ditches her diving to become an investigative journalist.

Skye Stewart, from Greater London, has been diving professionally since the age of seven, after being scouted at a school swimming lesson. She was offered a scholarship to train at Crystal Palace, and during her prime, competed alongside sporting legend Tom Daley. Skye shared that her hard-working attitude stems from her belief that: “believing is in the mind, and achieving is in the grind”, which her parents instilled into her since a young age.

Although she enjoyed her days as an athlete, Skye has decided that it’s time for her to focus on her dream career: investigative journalism.

Inspired by Stacey Dooley, Skye aspires to report about topics ranging from fashion to crime, whilst also expanding her knowledge of the world and different cultures. She favours documentaries over other forms of media as the stories have a ”personal touch” and allow for an in-depth look into certain topics.

As an extrovert, Skye loves being in front of the camera and has already been on TV multiples times, for shows such as Man Vs Food & 24 Hours in A&E. This, combined the fact that members of her family work for Channel 4 and Panavision, gives Skye a huge advantage, as she is already familiar with the media industry.

In her spare time, Skye enjoys watching gossip series and reality TV shows like Love Island, as she can follow the shows on social media such as Twitter, and interact with other viewers.

“I’m a very social person – I belong on TV. I feel like I could handle any drama I find myself in!” Skye proclaimed.

Photo: Skye Stewart.

Lucia Banks

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