Freshwaters Primary’s exciting extension discovered by pupils upon return

HARLOW’S Freshwaters Primary Academy has got a £1million extension which includes its first ever library, dance and drama studio. The new building also has ICT learning space, cooking and science experiment space, along with a multi-room games area.

Members of staff are benefiting from the £1,169,000 extension, with an expanded kitchen and staff room.

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Staff are equally as excited as their pupils, with their own new kitchen and staff room.

Since the school’s new block has remained without a name up until this point, students were encouraged to submit their own suggestions.

Ideas included Chamber of Secrets, Fountain of Knowledge, Fantasia, The Julia Donaldson Building, Secret Kingdom and The Imaginarium. Eventually, the Year 5 bubble won the competition with the suggestion The Hub, representing that of enjoyment, education, imagination and knowledge.

Headteacher Jackie Diggle said, “Our dance and drama studio has a calm and soothing atmosphere, our creative suite is ready for our pupils to explore and create a wide range of projects and, my personal favourite, an amazing library. This is something we have waited for for a long time!

“We are very lucky to have such an incredible new building and we cannot wait for all our pupils to start enjoying it.”

Year 5 pupil, Freddie, confirmed his enjoyment, saying, “This is so good! The library has comfy seats and a quiet den to read in. The studio is perfect for karate.”

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Freddie’s go-to destination for karate.

Featured photo: An external view of Freshwaters Academy’s new addition.

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