Gatehouse Arts supports local artists with its Christmas Pop Up shop


Every year, Gatehouse Arts, at East Gate, Harlow, opens its Christmas Pop Up shop – showcasing the art of local artists, and this year is no different.
The Christmas Pop Up shop opened on December 3 and will be continue until December 21. The opening hours are from 10am to 4pm from Wednesday to Saturday.
Gatehouse Arts is offering customers unique and high-quality products that cannot be bought in high-street and regular stores, as they come from local artists.
The profit from the Christmas Pop Up shop goes directly to supporting the artists and creators of the pieces in the store.
Currently, 16 artists have their work in the shop, providing a varied range of different pieces and products.
There are multiple displays that showcase the work of artists from the area, including pottery, ceramics and even handmade plushies.
Amanda Westbury, a ceramic and mosaic artist at Gatehouse Arts said: “We’ve got leather makers, knitters, people that work with fabric.”
The Christmas Pop Up shop is a collaboration between Amanda Westbury, Agnes Florko and Lucia Lutonka – all of whom have their own exhibits in the shop.
Gatehouse Arts was originally supposed to open two weeks prior but has only opened last week due to pandemic restrictions and the four-week lockdown.
However, the pandemic has not dampened the creativity of artists -who are continuing to create and provide pieces for the shop – nor customers who are purchasing art packs and other products from the shop.
Now, back in business, Gatehouse Arts is keen to continue providing customers with quality work and to support its artists.
Amanda said: “It’s really important that local artists have an outlet for their work.”

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Adriana Kussova

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