Harlow children develop invaluable life experiences at school


PUPILS at Little Parndon Primary Academy, Harlow, got the chance to become car mechanics – thanks to some innovative teaching.

The children explored the components of cars, in the hopes that it would expand and develop their life skills lessons. Many children were thrilled to learn new-found knowledge of an unusual but captivating topic – cars. The pupils were able to label various parts of cars, share prior knowledge and were even able to check the oil with the dipstick through out the session.

Assistant headteacher, Steph Galliers said: “Being able to move away from the usual classroom routines has a huge impact on children’s engagement and enthusiasm for learning. We want to give all our children rich experiences that engage their interests, give them opportunities to share their knowledge and prior experiences, stimulate their language development and, of course, enjoy so much that they will want to talk about it with their friends and their families endlessly!”

The staff at Little Parndon Primary Academy understand that real life experiences are invaluable to children as they increase motivation, improve behaviour, develop understanding and even communication skills.

Teachers have provided the children with experiences they are quite often unlikely to get at home.

“Having the chance to develop life skills is so important and we want our children to develop interests that will support them into adulthood,” said Ms Galliers.

It may be more than 10 years before the children start driving but by providing a real stimulus over a toy, a group of children have now been able to transition from using solely their eyesight to all of their senses to develop a practical learning style towards cars and that can be applied to everything. Consequently, the learning opportunities are far greater and optimistic for our future leaders.

The school also has a garage workshop role play area to stimulate role play and subject specific vocabulary to further learning.


Photo: Pupils at Little Parndon Primary Academy observing their teachers

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Skye Stewart

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