Harlow College Coding Club is open to new members


HARLOW College is inviting students to become a member of the Coding Club.

I spoke to Coding Club founder Kelly Herbert who works in the college as a senior tutor for media & gaming and is also an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Kelly stated “Coding club is something I started up to teach anyone who wants to learn code. It is to learn Apple Swift as we are an Apple Distinguished College.”

Kelly also spoke about the inspiration for the coding club, “The idea of running the club came after Apple supported me to run it and we had the pleasure of Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) join one of our coding lessons”.

Members of the coding club learn Apples coding language known as Swift. Students are given devices where they learn about app design and programming robots. One of the most popular tasks involves students creating their own mazes and programming a robot to navigate it using Swift.

The club is open to people of all ages. Kelly said, “We aimed it originally for aged 7+ but could offer younger children the opportunity. We can also offer to older students and even adults.”

The club offers more than just an after school activity, it also helps students in other elements.

Kelly said, “We promoted it through social media for local schools.
This gained a lot of interest and was very popular. It allowed the children to learn coding and also see our facilities and learn about our courses we have to offer”.

The Coding Club has not been able to run recently. However, it still has a lot planned for when it can welcome visitors back.



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