Harlow college open evening goes ‘live’

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For the first time ever Harlow College is going to live stream its open evening alongside a face to face event.

The open evening on October 14, 5pm until 8pm, features a huge range of courses from academic to vocational, including A levels, apprenticeships, and the brand new T level programmes, as well as part-time and adult courses.

The college currently has over 185 live courses and in 2020 they had 5871 students enrolled. The most popular courses areusually business and access to higher education and this year the Construction trades courses have had lots of interest.

On the day of the open evening, although there are no strict social distancing measures in place, the college has arranged for the arrival times of students and carers to be staggered by the hour.

In previous years there were around 2,000 people attending and this year there are expected to be around 700 people an hour. This does not include those watching the live stream from home.

Those who are coming by car can get a free pass to the public car park opposite the college once they have chosen their allotted time slot. Parking information will also be given in time for the event.

Whilst at the open evening, each course will have arranged activities that are both safe and suitable, and give insights into what they may be doing within the course.

There will also be an opportunity to get any help that is needed in for all courses offered, including travel and bursary information.

The event is a great opportunity to meet staff and current students and discover just how great the college is.

For more information on the open day please visit www.harlow-college.ac.uk



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