Harlow Council tackles the homeless


THE PLIGHT of the homeless in Harlow was one of the subjects that journalism students tackled with representatives of Harlow Council at a recent meeting.

Head of governance, Simon Hill and the chairman of the council Clive Souter spoke with Harlow College journalism diploma students in an interview to address the situations in the town centre.

When questioned about the problems of the homeless Cllr Souter said “There has always been homelessness. It has got worse but we have converted two Victorian cottages in Edinburgh Way. The cottages are called Bromley and they have eight bedrooms. “

Mr Hill emphasised that there were regular night checks to count how many rough sleepers there were in Harlow, adding “While there are rough sleepers in Harlow, numbers are low. Recently there was a count made and there were only three people sleeping rough in the town centre.”

A town with such a low numbers of rough sleepers, indicates that Bromley cottages must be helping.

The meeting discussed the many positive aspects of Harlow. The town has many achievements which include building the first tower block, first healthcare centre, sports centre, and first industrial health service in England.

Cllr Souter, who has lived in Harlow for 62 years and runs a business CS Print, said “Harlow is on the up. Harlow is a lovely place to live in.”

Mr Hill, who has lived in the town for 50 years, said he wanted to prevent Harlow from becoming merely a commuter town.

“I want to ensure that the town doesn’t become a ring doughnut with all of the sugary stuff on the outside and nothing in the centre,” he said. “I want a jam doughnut with all the best bits in the middle.”

Journalism students who visited the Civic centre from left to right: Matthew Collings, Leah Grace, Alex Beaney, chairman of the council Clive Souter, Head of governance Simon Hill, William Spalding, Jack Perring and Elana Xerri.

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