Harlow crime rates carry on rising according to statistics


HARLOW, which is situated in Essex and sits snug between Hertfordshire and London, is a reasonably new town that provides housing, restaurants, shopping and its fair share of crime.

Despite there being an active police station in the centre of Harlow there were still 630 street level crime incidents that occurred in February 2020, according to crime statistics provided by Essex Police, the largest category being violent crime.

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Nineteen-year-old Jamie Venables, who is a resident and works in Harlow central, said: “I would never walk home on my own now, even getting the bus is scary enough because bus station at night can be a very dangerous place to be.

“Homeless people sleep there, gangs meet up there, fights happen, honestly the list of illegal things that happen opposite Terminus House is endless.”

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Essex Police’s 2018 statistics show that there were 313 cases of crimes in Harlow central in January, meaning crime rates have doubled in the last two years. The most frequently reported crimes in Harlow Town were: vehicle crime with 91 offences, violence and sexual offences which had 84 cases and 83 instances of anti-social behavior.

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Two years on and violent crime has rocketed with 200 incidents in February alone, according to the most recent statistics provided by Essex Police. Anti-social behavior (139 cases) and vehicle crime (60 cases) are also still at the top of the list however vehicle crime is no longer as popular. Surrounding areas also have an average of 100 incidents a month with most the cases being Anti-social behavior.

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Officers have reassured members of the public that they are continuing to fight crime despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Essex Police said: “We continue to focus on helping people, keeping them safe and catching criminals during this unprecedented time.”

For more information go to: https://www.essex.police.uk/




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