Tim Hortons food chain brings welcome jobs boost for Harlow

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ON WEDNESDAY (May 5) Essex’s first ever Tim Hortons opened in Edinburgh Way, Harlow, creating a major jobs boost for the town. Tim Hortons is an iconic Canadian multinational fast-food restaurant chain.

More than 50 people have been employed already with around 30 of them being full-time and 20 part-time, with the potential for more depending on the restaurant’s success.

The opening of the restaurant has caused mayhem at Edinburgh Way, with people queuing for up to an hour to get a taste of what the new local fast-food chain has to offer.

Tim Hortons will be open for drive-thru and take way only, up until May 17, when people are allowed to eat and drink indoors.

The new restaurant had a private viewing before opening. It was attended by a number of Canadian students based at the University of Newfoundland campus just a 20 minute walk away in Old Harlow.

CEO of Tim Hortons, Kevin Hydes said: “We try to provide a very modern, contemporary environment. It’s a space where people can relax and enjoy themselves, we have a lot of comfort seating. It’s a very multifunctional area. From May 17 we’ll be welcoming in customers to enjoy it.

“We were always targeting towns and cities with characteristics like Harlow. It’s got a fantastic community, good population, people that want to get out, eat out and enjoy great quality food and drink. So, Harlow seemed perfect to us.

“Harlow will be the 28th restaurant (in the UK), we plan to open many more this year hopefully in Essex and the surrounding communities. We’re aiming to get to every major town and city by the end of next year.

“If you know Tim Hortons, you love Tim Hortons. The products are amazing, our service is fantastic and were really good value for money.”

The Harlow restaurant offers everything from freshly prepared from breakfast, sandwiches, toasties, pancakes and doughnuts. As well as both hot and cold drinks like coffee, milkshakes, hot chocolate and the famous French Vanilla Latte.


CAPTION: The new Tim Hortons in Edinburgh Way, Harlow

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