Harlow Police Cadet’s mission to save Christmas for disadvantaged children

CHRISTOPHER Burling, a member of the Essex Police Cadets, took on the role of Santa Claus during the final hurdle of a year of disappointments, by working to ensure that as many children as possible would wake up to a present on Christmas Day. 

The Year 9 student at Burnt Mill Academy, Harlow, gave a series of presentations to the whole school and staff, calling for gift donations to the Harlow Police Giving Tree initiative, destined for those who would otherwise go without. If that wasnt impressive enough; in the three days leading up to December 25, he devoted his time to wrapping the collected presents and delivering them in his capacity as a cadet. 

Burnt Mill Academy’s Head of Year 9, Ciara Brosnan, said: Christopher has gone above and beyond with this initiative, asking for donations and getting his fellow students on board with providing gifts. It is wonderful to hear that someone on their holidays is taking the time out of his day to help others. 

He wants everyone to have a smile on their faces on Christmas morning, especially after such a turbulent year. 

Photo: Christopher clearly had a lot of wrapping up to do, in the lead up to Christmas Day. 

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