Harlow school prioritises students and staff well-being during the pandemic


THE INCREASE in mental health problems has become a major concern for schools when working remotely.

As schools are partially closed during lockdown, Mark Hall Academy, Harlow, has implemented and prioritised initiatives to combat any ill effects surrounding the wellbeing of their students and staff, whilst they work from home.

The school has a wellbeing champion to provide support, and the initiative package includes: a monthly staff health and wellbeing newsletter, wellbeing Wednesday for staff and students, alongside a weekly wellbeing call.

Students have now been allocated a whole lesson to focus on their wellbeing. They can explore various tips and their most recent lesson looked into non-screen time activities, screen time and being able to distinguish between helpful and unhelpful screen time.

Teresa Parker, wellbeing champion, said: “The newsletter started last lockdown as a way of communicating wellbeing information and sharing experiences, so we all feel connected as a community. It continued when we returned as it was so popular. Due to us listening to our staff and being proactive, we have provided a weekly wellbeing, mind reset and support framework to staff. The aim of this work is to highlight the importance of good mental health, especially in our current climate.”

Photo: Face masks made at Mark Hall Academy

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