Harlow student creates her own language in just seven hours

CREATIVE writing student Lucy Henderson, 16, from Great Easton, spent a night over the summer coming up with her own language.


Lucy was bored when her phone died with no accessible charger. She had been researching about the nuclear disaster in Ukraine earlier in the day and her attention was drawn to their alphabet. She thought it was “cool” and, with nothing else to do, decided to devise her own language.


To create the symbols for her alphabet she wrote out the English version and rearranged each letter until she came up with a symbol that satisfied her. To then speak her alphabet, she reversed the English pronunciation.

Lucy Henderson's alphabet she created
Lucy’s alphabet for her language , pronunciation underneath each symbol

Starting her project at 11pm, Lucy successfully created her own language by six am the next morning.


The only issue faced during the process was pronunciation as it was impossible to reverse some of the letters in the English alphabet. Therefore, she had to alter letters by adding in new ones to create a successful pronunciation.


At the moment Lucy only uses her language when practicing writing on paper but she hopes to improve her pronunciation so she can start working on her next project. She aims to create another language but this time making the symbols more curved.


Friends of Lucy tell her they think it’s really cool and creative, however Lucy is yet to tell her family.


She said “My dad was confused as to why I was so tired the morning after and I just never had time to explain after that.”


With an open mind, Lucy hopes if there was a use for her language that people will start using it.


She said “It will be weird if people were to use my language, but the good weird.”

Main photo: Lucy outside Harlow College.

lucy writing
Lucy Henderson showing how she practises writing her language out on paper

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