Harlow’s Manchester United supporter dreams of becoming the next football commentator


HARLOW College’s Kian John Foster has a big dream of becoming a football commentator. Commentators typically plan and take direction from the on-site producers at the event and research the clubs and their players thoroughly.

Kian immerses himself in various sources of media such as  transfermarket, YouTube, BBC sports and twitter. This allows him to broaden his scope on anything football related, his true love. Kian believes twitter is his biggest consumption of social media because of it’s broad topics and reliable sources. Although, Kian is aware of unreliable sources, thus claims that he “avoids being sucked in by false information”.

As a passionate, competitive yet fun individual, Kian has the qualities that are required to excel within this industry. His sense of passion and drive comes from his childhood years, where he started his journey with Manchester United due to his grandmas love for the team.

Kian claims that he’s followed them for nearly half his lifetime. This explains why Kian loves the endless sense of competition and wants to pursue his dream, as it’s what originally brought him and his family closer together.

Whilst Kian is ecstatic about football, he also shares his passion with editing gaming videos.  As a laidback person, Kian finds editing gaming to be quite intriguing, however he doesn’t wish to pursue a career in this field. Like football, when it comes to editing gaming, Kian understands the importance of keeping up with trends and social media.

Hopefully, Kian keeps his head in the game and we’ll see his best efforts commentating alongside his treasured team.


Photo: Kian John Foster

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