Hoddesdon survives the Lockdown

Hoddesdon Town

Journalist Clare Eggenton explores her town Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire during lockdown. She speaks to people who provide goods and services to the town and a resident who has had her first dose of the vaccine. 

THE LOCKDOWNS have been challenging. We have faced restrictions to our freedom and livelihoods. 

Hoddesdon has experienced the loneliness of the lockdowns like many other towns in the country that has shops, pubs and restaurants shut.  

But now life is getting back to normal thanks to the roadmap and mass vaccinations, meaning lockdowns are becoming a thing of the past.

Since April 12, non-essential retail, hairdressers and nail salons have opened.

On April 25, more than 39,000 people aged 45+ in Broxbourne have had their first dose of the vaccine.

Feature image: Hoddesdon town high street

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