Is it a bird, is it a plane? It’s Burnt Mill Academy’s Santagirl!

BMA online panto

THIS year Harlow’s Burnt Mill Academy students and staff have put together an action-packed pantomime, Santagirl – a Superman spoof – performed and rehearsed using video conferencing.

Despite lockdown restrictions and other struggles everyone is facing this year, Burnt Mill Academy has managed to find a way to give some joy with their Santagirl production.

Like most productions, Santagirl includes dance performances, voice-over illustrations, speeches and songs, with the only difference being that this time everything was performed on camera, using Microsoft Teams.

Every year, Burt Mill Academy students participate in pantomimes and give their time and effort to create shows that audiences can enjoy.

Phil Watson, head of performing arts, said: “We didn’t want this year to be any different and putting together a show online has been an opportunity to think differently about what we do and learn a whole new set of skills.”

Olivia Ioannou, a year 11 who plays Santagirl, said: “Getting involved in the performance and feeling the magic of the arts is something I have missed dearly over the year and will miss once I leave in the summer.”

Even though the performance and rehearsing of this year’s pantomime was different than normal, Olivia was grateful to take part and felt “that same joy that all the productions bring”.

Olivia added: “This pantomime has been a pleasure to be a part of.

The show can be watched at:

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