Mark Hall Academy students combine pizza with keep fit

MHA pizza and exercise - Ria

MARK Hall Academy, Harlow, has combined physical education lessons with pizza calorie counting.

Students in years seven, eight and nine have been challenged to create a pizza order, calculating its calories before burning them off in their PE lesson.

Within this lesson there are many cross-curricular links with students use their maths and artistic skills to create their ideal pizza. After they have created their pizza they work out exactly what exercise is needed to burn this amount of calories.

Sasha Kelly, head of PE, said:

“I was blown away by the levels of enthusiasm in the lesson. My email inbox was pinging all morning with emails from parents and students wanting to show me photos of them completing the pizza challenge.”

Louise Terrey, head of Yyear seven, said: “The students were absolutely outstanding. It really was great to see them all participating. Moments like this make me proud to be their head of year.”

The students of Mark Hall Academy have really enjoyed this different way of learning and the school will carry on with this exercise.


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