Meet the Team of 2020


TWELVE Harlow College students are hoping to become the new face of the media in the next decade.

They have joined the one year National Council for the Training of Journalists Diploma course at what is probably the most difficult time ever – in the middle of a Pandemic. They are all up for a challenge however and, despite the restrictions they are under, aim to make ‘fake news’ a thing of the past and ensure that ethical journalism is at the forefront of reporting in Britain today.

Over the next year they will be studying interview technique, public affairs, writing for magazines and news, video and production journalism. They will become adept at writing stories for print and online and illustrating them with lively videos and photographs. They are being taught by professional journalists and their work will be show-cased in the Harlow Harrier.

At the end of the academic year they all hope to have gained the Gold Standard in every subject and be set for successful careers in a variety of fields within the media

Anyone interested in finding out more about the course and about becoming a journalist should contact head of journalism Lewis Heritage on 01279 868056.

Our photograph shows some of the class of 2020 – socially distanced – at Harlow College.

The new reporting team consists of: Joshua Candler-Jones, Lloyd Evans, Skye Stewart, Callum Wells, Lucia Banks, Santyna Marchesi, Kian Foster, Dan Luker, Matt North, Clare Eggenton, Shea Grigg and Sydney Steel. They are looking forward to bringing you lots of interesting news and features in the months to come.

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Pamela Jenner

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