NCTJ student Clare to become a TV presenter?


CLARE  has been fascinated by social media, online and television throughout her life and this has led to a desire to work in TV and presenting. Having always been a curious soul, Clare has a talent  for creative writing and deep questioning.

Clare’s route to journalism was different to most people’s. She said: “Journalism was something that I had questioned before my pre-teen years, but I never really thought much of it until I came to Harlow College.”

What Clare seems to enjoy about journalism is how expressive, diverse and influential it is to today. At college, she has learnt the way she consumes media is becoming more and more common, as social media is becoming popular with everyone around the world, even with some older people who have been used to newspapers and other written forms of journalism.

Social media such as Facebook or Instagram is easy to use. For example, you can be scrolling through your timeline and a new piece of news will often appear. If an account you follow has posted, they might have reposted to someone else’s account.

However, Clare also gets her news from TV sources and radio, which are declining but not at a rate anywhere near newspapers which are now mainly read by an older audience.

Clare hopes to achieve the gold standard in the NCTJ. This will grant her some much-needed experience before going onto her dream job as a TV Presenter or Magazine Editor. However, to be successful in the NCTJ and to achieve what she wants, there will have to be a lot of hard work.

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Daniel Luker

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