Newly launched microsite will guide Harlow residents on the new hospital developments


HARLOW residents are predicted to wait only five years for a brand-new £600 million hospital and can now determine what the latest situation is through a newly launched website. 

According to Epping Forest Guardian, the hospital could be built by 2025.  

The Princess Alexander Hospital Trust (PAHT) has recently launched the new hospital microsite, which is said to be populated with up-to-date information providing a timeline for the much-anticipated renovation of the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Full details about the site are on the hospital website. 

In 1995, Harlow’s hospital became operational, but since then the hospital and infrastructure has received mixed reviews. The recent CareQuality Commission report produced in 2020, suggests that the combined rating of the hospital requires improvement, due to safety, medical care and patient record maintenance. 

Harlow MP Robert Halfon, who bid for and attended five separate debates in Parliament for the new hospital in Harlow, said “We are getting our new hospital, and I’m very excited about it.” 

Robert Halfon added that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, told him ‘Don’t worry about the new hospital, you know, you’re getting that new hospital.’ Boris later confirmed this on October 2, 2020, with a further eight schemes invited to bid for future funding. 

The government announced in 2019, that six new hospitals, including the Princess Alexandra Hospital, will be added to the £2.8 billion investment as part of the government’s five-year health infrastructure programme. 

The programme aims to eradicate critical safety issues in the NHS, invest in new diagnostics and technology, alongside building new hospitals to ensure the long-term investment improves services across the UK. The hospital in Harlow is expected to cost around £600 million. 

Lance McCarthy, chief executive of The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, said “We are on an amazing journey to transform healthcare for the population we serve. We will need your ideas, suggestions and involvement at every stage to ensure that the new hospital will be an outstanding place to receive care and a fabulous place to work too.” 

Proposals suggest that the new hospital may be relocated on a greenfield site by the latest M11 junction 7a, about 3.5 miles from the existing site in the centre of Harlow. This development will allow for 53,000 extra homes being planned in the area over the next 20 years, which will also have the potential to expand by 20 per cent. 

According to Robert Halfon, “Public Health England is coming to Harlow. I think Public Health England will bring thousands of jobs into Harlow. I think it’s going to transform Harlow.” With the expected growth of Harlow residents over the next 20 years and the new hospital, Harlow can expect to see more businesses and employment prospects rise to an all-time high. 

The progress made towards the development of the new hospital has been exciting and has led to a real boost in the community. New and exciting information on government plans and developments will be shared on the microsite in the upcoming months. 

To find out more about the future developments of the hospital, the microsite can be accessed at 

Photo: The Princess Alexander Hospital, Harlow

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