Robert Halfon confirms new hospital for Harlow

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HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon, has been insistently campaigning for Harlow to be granted a new hospital for five years – having five separate debates in Parliament over this issue.

On Friday [23rd October], Robert Halfon visited Harlow College, speaking to journalism students about various topics – including his efforts regarding campaigning for a new hospital.

He recalled an interaction with Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in the House of Commons – in which Mr Johnson confirmed that Harlow would be getting a new hospital.

Mr Halfon said: “We are getting our new hospital, and I’m very excited about it.”

The Harlow MP has expressed his confidence in this proposed hospital.

According to Mr Halfon, the hospital will be implemented with modern equipment and will fit contemporary standards.

Mr Halfon followed up his confirmation about a new hospital with a statement about Public Health England.

“Public Health England is coming to Harlow.” Mr Halfon said with certainty.

However, the nature of Public Health England will change, as well as its name. Mr Halfon informed the students that the plan may have changed slightly, due to this development. Despite this, it was confirmed in 2015 and will still go ahead.

According to Mr Halfon, anywhere between one-hundred to two-hundred million pounds has been spent on this already.

When asked if he thinks that Public Health England will still bring jobs into Harlow, Mr Halfon said: “I think Public Health England will bring thousands of jobs into Harlow.”

Mr Halfon added: “I think it’s going to transform Harlow.”

Mr Halfon theorised that Public Health England will drive many small businesses to move into the area, including health and science companies.

Mr Halfon declared that, above all, he wanted Harlow residents to be first in line to get the jobs that Public Health England will bring.

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