Sir Frederick Gibberd College keeping students’ spirits high in lockdown


SIR FREDERICK Gibberd College in Harlow launched the Activity of the Week initiative which gives students extra-curricular tasks to focus on.

Amy Croucher, art, design and technology teacher, said: “Providing extra-curricular activities during lockdown has kept students’ intellectual curiosity alive. These challenges are a great way of advocating screen breaks. Most of the activities are also quite therapeutic.

“The activities also help students to discover interests which give them an opportunity to excel in other areas that are not necessarily academic. Something as simple as an extra-curricular activity could have a massive impact on a student’s future – their forte is waiting to be discovered.”

The activities included in the initiative include origami, breakfast recipes and home science experiments. Also, the fakeway challenge, where students made their own takeaway.

However, the most popular has been the Great SFG Bake Off cake baking competition, with more than 40 Year 7 and 8 students getting creative.

Mrs Croucher said: “It was amazing to see the high engagement for the Great SFG Bake Off and the effort put into the entries. Every student who participated should be extremely proud of themselves. I’m looking forward to seeing the entries for the next bake off we host.”

Photo: Prizes and a congratulation card that Belle, the winner of the Bake Off competition, received.

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