Students at Sir Frederick Gibberd College are all set to change the world

SFG school council

TEN students have been elected as members of the school council at Sir Frederick Gibberd College in Harlow.

Every year, students are elected for roles on the student council. This is a big part of the school’s character development equipment programme as well as its British values.

However, it was very different this year. The students were elected in September after giving a speech virtually to their peers, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

School council lead and ADT teacher, Amy Croucher said: “Emphasising the importance of democracy and their understanding of the political system ensures they can make informative decisions when they are the appropriate age to vote.

“Parliament Week is about our students learning how the political system works and ways they can contribute.”

These students are very crucial to the Sir Frederick Gibberd College. They are very passionate about representing their fellow students and make informed decisions on what their peers want.

Amy Croucher said; ““At Sir Frederick Gibberd College, students know they have a voice and that their voice matters. They know they can change the world if only they stand up and raise their voice. And one day, they will!”

On next years election, Amy Croucher said: “We have exciting plans for Gibberd Council. Next year, our government and politics sixth formers will be joining us and taking an active role within the council to lead and be role models to younger students.”

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