The purr-fect support puppy

me and lula

Reporter Santyna Marchesi is an avid dog lover. She has a pup of her own. It is a Cane Corso named Boo, so she couldn’t wait to meet Lula.

THE LATEST student to join Harlow college is the most popular there has even been.

Lula is a black Cockapoo from Harlow, only nine months old and she is already helping others! Selina Avery, academy manager of supportive studies at the college, who owns Lula, noticed many schools in the area had therapy dogs. She then made a decision nine months ago that she was determined to get permission to have a puppy in the college. Finally in late February the college agreed. Lula is currently undergoing K9 Assisted Training and can sit, lay down and even ring a bell.

The therapy Lula offers can vary; she is a great way to calm students. Whether you need a bit of fresh air, whether you upset and need a cuddle or even a stroke then Lula will be there by your side. With coronavirus and social distancing every student has to make sure to sanitise after spending time with the gorgeous puppy just to be safe!

Lula is a hard working pup and has one day off a week where she will stay at home and do her well-earned relaxing!

Selina said, “Dogs don’t judge people, but Lula has her favourite students, the ones who give her most attention and apples, her favourite treat.”

Selina added “It is important within areas like schools, that students feel loved and accepted, and many students will feel at ease knowing they always have a furry friend at the college with them.”

Lula nearly wasn’t called Lula; she was born on Christmas Eve so she was very nearly called Figgy!

Lula is definitely here to stay and we hope she inspires local colleges and schools to also have therapy dogs.

Lula giving me her paw!

Lula giving me her paw


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