Youth Mayor talks about goals, life and achievements.

Broxbourne's Youth Mayor

HARLOW College journalism student Lloyd Evans is a part of Broxbourne’s Youth Council, and serves as the current Youth Mayor. I spoke to Lloyd about his goals and ambitions.

Lloyd has appeared multiple times on the BBC doing interviews. He has also done work in sixth form which has led to conducting interviews with businesses and students as part of a business studies diploma.

As someone who is happy working both behind the scene and the centre of it, He is certainly not camera shy and is able to give formal and informal responses to suit the desired target audience.

I questioned Lloyd on how the consume news and information regarding today’s media.

“A lot of my news feeds attract current events and information, usually through twitter screenshots, which prompts me to use search engines to find more accurate/detailed sources

I usually use BBC News if there is information available, otherwise I tend to just use whichever E-Newspaper is available or seems most relevant to my query”


Aside from the politics, Lloyd also has a creative side as they have a passion in music as well as music Journalism.

“I was a dedicated reader of Kerrang! Magazine for several years, also reading issues of Rock Sound but less frequently.

These magazines appealed to me as they were covering bands I enjoyed as well as prompting me to discover new artists”

I asked Lloyd what his end goal was to which he responded “Working for a publication such as NME, or Rolling Stone, would be incredible”

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