Little Parndon Primary’s day of time travelling to a 19th century school

By Callum Wells / 30th April 2021 / 0 Comments
LP Victorian day

PUPILS at Little Parndon Primary Academy, Harlow, took part in an interactive insight into the typical Victorian child’s school-day experience. Members of year six were expected to bow and curtsy on arrival to class, learn by candlelight, take part in regular posture checks, stand each time an adult entered the room, use chalk instead of…

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Freshwaters Primary’s exciting extension discovered by pupils upon return

By Callum Wells / 12th March 2021 / 0 Comments
thumbnail FPA new building 4

HARLOW’S Freshwaters Primary Academy has got a £1million extension which includes its first ever library, dance and drama studio. The new building also has ICT learning space, cooking and science experiment space, along with a multi-room games area. Members of staff are benefiting from the £1,169,000 extension, with an expanded kitchen and staff room. Since…

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Cooks Spinney Primary children are well on their way to moving out of home

By Callum Wells / 11th March 2021 / 0 Comments
CS life skills challenge 2

CHILDREN have being encouraged to learn new life skills during lockdown by teachers at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy. Staff have been putting their videography skills to use by filming themselves setting the dinner table, tying shoelaces and planting seeds as part of tutorials directed towards year groups ranging from Nursery to Year Six at the…

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The horse sanctuary galloping through the most difficult time in its history

By Callum Wells / 8th January 2021 / 0 Comments
Redwings Ada Cole Rodney the donkey

REDWINGS Horse Sanctuary, a registered charity, has been a place of refuge for 1,500 previously neglected and ill-treated horses, ponies, donkeys and mules since 1984. The animals are given a safe place to live at one of five centres across the UK, including Ada Cole in Roydon, and are provided with essential veterinary treatment, rehabilitation…

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Harlow Police Cadet’s mission to save Christmas for disadvantaged children

By Callum Wells / 7th January 2021 / 0 Comments
BMA present donation

CHRISTOPHER Burling, a member of the Essex Police Cadets, took on the role of Santa Claus during the final hurdle of a year of disappointments, by working to ensure that as many children as possible would wake up to a present on Christmas Day.  The Year 9 student at Burnt Mill Academy, Harlow, gave a…

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NHS requires elderly vaccine candidates to book their appointments online

By Callum Wells / 18th December 2020 / 0 Comments
Pauls Dads and Morgans Photos 059

ON ONLY the second day of the national rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, developed by Pfizer, David Wells of Great Notley received a text from the NHS inviting him for his first dose at Basildon Hospital. Like many other elderly citizens, he does not have broadband installed in his home and was unable to open…

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Community treasure, Pets’ Corner, will not be broken by lockdowns

By Callum Wells / 17th December 2020 / 0 Comments
Screenshot 2021 01 14 at 16.18.53 2

WHEN local headmaster, Mr Tarry, founded Pets Corner 51 years ago, he never could have predicted that the farm, which prides itself on closing its doors only on Christmas Day and Boxing Day under usual circumstances, would one day be temporarily forced to shut due an outbreak of a deadly virus. The farm’s staff today, however,…

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Roydon Primary’s hat-designing pupils raise three-figure-sum in aid of Brain Tumour Research

By Callum Wells / 17th December 2020 / 0 Comments
Roydon brain tumour

PUPILS at Roydon Primary Academy have raised an impressive £260 for the charity, Brain Tumour Research, on their Wear a Hat Day. They were challenged to design and wear their own festive hat for one day only; a poignant one for headteacher, Anna Myatt, whose daughter, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with a brain tumour on Boxing Day 2018, specifically…

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An unusual team of detectives is here to protect Harlow!

By Callum Wells / 4th December 2020 / 0 Comments
LP CSI day 2

A LITTLE Parndon Primary Academy teacher has devised an alternative method of teaching where pupils engulf themselves in a ‘CSI [crime scene investigator] day’ to solve the murder of, character, King Duncan and his two servants from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The year six pupils looked at evidence, including fingerprints provided by their teacher Paige Wakelin, to…

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Beaming Harlow College into your home

By Callum Wells / 6th November 2020 / 0 Comments
Screenshot 2020 11 06 at 15.41.03

CALL it Utopian or Dystopian: Harlow College is holding its annual Open Event, predominantly intended for prospective new students to visit the premises and speak to their potential tutors, over Zoom this year.  The six-night event is taking place between 6pm and 7.30pm daily, from Thursday November 5 to Thursday November 12, and comes as Boris…

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A close shave at Little Parndon Primary, as safety barrier is torn down by careless driver

By Callum Wells / 6th November 2020 / 0 Comments
LP road safety

SAFETY barriers outside the gates to Little Parndon Primary School, Harlow, have been wrecked by a car just before the recent half-term. The academy sits on a bend within the one-point-one mile Hodings Road, leading to a challenging safe-crossing pursuit for those accessing the site, with concern from staff and parents having built-up over the…

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Investigative journalist discloses his formula for success

By Callum Wells / 2nd November 2020 / 0 Comments
Daniel Brett 4558 1

JOURNALISM was never a career that Daniel Brett actively pursued in his youth. After gaining a politics degree from Queen Mary College, he went to the School of Oriental African Studies with the hope of acquiring a job in international development and to work for an organisation such as Oxfam. However, after struggling to find…

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Will Tier Two take its toll on Essex businesses?

By Callum Wells / 16th October 2020 / 0 Comments
IMG 8289 1

ESSEX will be plunged into Tier Two of Coronavirus restrictions, from tomorrow, Saturday (October 17). It will join with other areas of England including London and York. In addition to the current order of a 10pm closure for pubs and restaurants, the county’s residents will be prohibited from mixing with other households indoors and must…

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It’s official: Uttlesford is the coronavirus capital of Essex!

By Callum Wells / 9th October 2020 / 0 Comments
IMG 0014

UTTLESFORD, which is just a few miles from Harlow, has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Essex, according to figures just released by Public Health England (PHE). Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Uttlesford have risen to the highest level in Essex (64 cases per 100,000 population a week as of 6 October), and also…

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Political journalist, Joshua, joins the team

By Callum Wells / 9th October 2020 / 0 Comments
Photo of Josh

EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD Joshua Candler-Jones from London always wanted to be an actor – until he discovered the thrill of working behind the camera. Now he has embarked on a career as a journalist and is studying for a Diploma with the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) at Harlow College. His foremost interest is…

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